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Daniel Joseph ‘02

Class of 2022
“WFS taught me about teamwork and compassion when working on assignments and projects with multiple students. This was helpful in college and continues to be in the design world as it’s all about negotiation and teamwork!” 
Daniel Joseph ’02 graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2006 with his B.S. in Industrial Design. Over the past 16 years, he has served as the Special Effects and Illusions Development Principal at Walt Disney Imagineering. In this role, he creates the “How did they do that?!?” moments in all 12 world-wide Disney theme parks, hotels, and cruise ships. He chose this career as an Imagineer because, as Daniel puts it, “It was everything I stood for; Magic, wonder, and optimism.” Always asking questions like “What if?” and “Why does it have to be the old way?” has served Daniel well in his career as he was most recently recognized for his excellent work by the US Patent Office as a “Top Inventor in the Arts” at Invention-Con 2022 in August. When reflecting on what he loves most about his day-to-day life in the workplace, Daniel states, “I love invention and magic. To have a career where one’s role is to literally create happiness and inspiration for people on vacation is not something I take lightly. Going out into the parks and seeing young children look at something I helped to create is an emotional and blissful experience.”

Prior to his time at The University of the Arts, Daniel was a WFS student for five years. The leader of the Muse Club while attending WFS, Daniel speaks fondly of his years on School Road because of teachers like Cynthia Stan Mellow, who helped foster his imaginative spirit in her art studio and Bill Bickley, who was a “true, inspiring force” in the classroom. He also developed incredible relationships with his peers, stating, “WFS gave me a social group and friendships that are still my strongest. They are important to me, like a family. The tight community of WFS was the only way this could have happened, and these people are still my closest friends even 20 years after graduation.”

His advice for the Class of 2023?  “Cherish this time, being able to be knee deep in the WFS community of friends and teachers everyday is a fleeting gift, and one that doesn't have to end. Keep up your friendships and these folks won't ever be that far.”

Keep inspiring, Daniel!

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