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Student Interns

Student Interns

 From left to right: Carson Davis-Tinnell, Honor Dearlove, Zoe Holden, and Michael McKenzie.

Carson Davis-Tinnell '19

Carson Davis-Tinnell is a junior at Wilmington Friends School. She began attending WFS in the tenth grade, and she's been enjoying her time both academically and socially. Carson is a varsity athlete in both field hockey and lacrosse, clerk of the prom and spirit committee, and an editor in yearbook. She enjoys all of her classes, especially Spanish and IB Art.    

Honor Dearlove '19

Honor Dearlove is a junior at WFS. She's enjoying all of her classes this year, especially biology and European history, and participates in many activities at WFS. Honor plays lacrosse and runs track, writes for the Whittier, our school newspaper, and is a member of many clubs such as B+, Best Buddies, and spirit committee. 

Zoe Holden '20

Zoe Holden is a sophomore at Wilmington Friends School. She moved to the United States four years ago, and is enjoying her time at WFS. Zoe’s favorite classes are math and choir. She is involved in numerous committees and leadership roles at WFS, including the B+ committee, Applecore, spirit committee, and is the clerk of Global Connections Club, and Diversity Club. 

Michael McKenzie '19

Michael McKenzie is a junior who has attended Wilmington Friends since preschool. His favorite subjects in school are math and science. He plays football, basketball, and baseball for the Quakers and swims for the Elks Swim Club, where he also lifeguards. He is a member of Applecore, Buddies for Studies, Agenda Committee, LINK Crew, Service Committee, and Quaker Care. Outside of school, he enjoys mountain biking, playing sports, and going to his brothers’ games.