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Scratch 1: Beginner Level

Week of July 9
Recommended for campers entering 3rd – 5th grade
“Learn to Code, Code to Learn” – words from the Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab whose group developed the Scratch programming language. This session will introduce our campers to Scratch where they will begin to learn the fundamentals of Scratch programming. Additionally, they will be learning mathematical and computational concepts in a creative and collaborative way. It is our hope that after this camp session, campers will have enough knowledge to continue to independently learn more Scratch and will continue “Scratching” all summer long. Campers will learn enough Scratch to attend the intermediate/advanced session held in August. Join us!

Note: In the Middle School camp, additional programming/technology opportunities are available for students (entering 5th grade) which include Lego, 3D printing and Digital Music.

STEM Design Challengers

Week of July 16

STEM Design Challengers offers campers the opportunity to think and problem-solve like an engineer. Using the LAUNCH cycle, campers will work with others to learn about the challenge, ask critical questions, navigate new ideas, create prototypes and design a final product for an audience. This year students will be asked to take on challenges like - how would you design a superhero city? What is the best way to seize a castle? Can pinball machines be made of cardboard. With a combination of collaboration and friendly competitions, teams will be motivated to build and test designs using simple materials and complex ideas. Throughout each challenge, emphasis will be placed on developing social skills necessary to work effectively in groups including listening, considering the ideas of others, empathy, and compromising.

Writer's Workshop

Week of July 23 and July 30

Writers Workshop is designed for campers who want to express themselves through creative writing. Whether it be through poetry, short story writing, comic strip drawing, or creating their own children's book, campers will have the opportunity to explore the writing process and improve their writing skills. Activities will include pre-writing exercises, brainstorming, drafting, workshopping and critique, revision, and publishing. Campers will work together to public a weekly magazine showcasing their work available for all campers, staff, and parents to enjoy.

Please Note: This camp is offered in the morning. Campers enrolled in this program will not participate in the morning rotation of activities.

Scratch 2: Intermediate/Advanced Level

Week of August 6

Recommended for campers entering 3rd – 5th grade
This session will cover more advanced topics in the Scratch programming language. The topics covered will depend on the experiences of the campers present. It is our goal that all campers will learn and explore new aspects of Scratch that they have not previously learned. Students will decide how they want to experiment with these newly learned skills: video games, interactive stories, etc.)  Students will be able to work on projects independently or collaboratively with other campers. Come join us and get ready to Scratch!

Note: In the Middle School camp, additional programming/technology opportunities are available for students (entering 5th grade) which include Lego, 3D printing and Digital Music.