Quakerism Class Visits Meeting Houses

Students in the upper school Quakerism & Thee course took a field trip to local Quaker meetinghouses. At Wilmington Monthly Meeting at 4th & West, they were welcomed by member and WFS trustee Darcy Rademaker who gave them some history and information. The students then visited and toured Centre Meeting.
In Quakerism & Thee course, students explore the Quaker Testimonies and consider how they might apply to their own lives. Original writings by Quakers and the student’s own explorations of the Quaker philosophy form the core of this course. Early Quaker history is also studied, providing students with an understanding of the religion’s roots. Each student will complete their own “Quaker Quest,” doing something that will have a positive effect on the community involving at least one of the Quaker Testimonies (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship).

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