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Middle School Youth in Government Club Travels to Dover

Members of the middle school Youth in Government Club recently traveled to Dover to participate in the Youth in Government Junior Model Legislature with students from across the state.
Prior to the conference, WFS students researched and wrote mock bills on topics including: gun safety regulations to prevent youth firearms use; mandatory pre-K education in Delaware public schools; and a later start to the school day to allow adolescents to get more rest.

While at the conference, which was held in the General Assembly House and Senate chambers, students gave advocacy speeches in support of their bills and debated the merits and challenges of bills introduced by other students. All of the bills authored by WFS students were approved by their fellow students in one or both legislative chambers and two were signed by the Youth Governor! WFS delegates Paige Dealy '27, Margot Hebert '27, and Kemble Wellons '27 won a legislative excellence award for their bill requiring a later school start time.

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