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Senior Fund

Class of 2022 Senior Fund

What is the Senior Fund? Started in 2009 by parents, it’s simply a way for senior families (and grandparents, relatives, and whoever else) to celebrate the end of the long road our children have taken to get to graduation. It’s recognition of all their triumphs, stumbles, breakthroughs, maturations, and the collaborative and successful nurturing that is the partnership between parents and Friends. It’s a way to create a legacy from this milestone and to remember all of the people and events that have enriched their lives and ours.

A contribution to the Senior Fund, no matter what size, supports the School's Annual Fund. You can make a gift in honor of your senior and any faculty or staff members who’ve made an impact on their time at Friends. And for the first time, we’ve decided to offer a new option to the Senior Fund: if you so desire, you may specify where you want your contribution directed. The categories are:

  • Academic/Curriculum Enrichment (eg, materials, technology, exchanges, service opportunities, resources)
  • Faculty Support and Development (eg, guest staff, continuing education, curriculum refinement)
  • Sports Programming and Management (eg, coaching staff, equipment and uniforms, injury prevention and rehab)
  • Student Life (providing support to students — e.g., supporting the work of a new MS/US counselor)
In addition, and as in previous years, a section in the Quaker Matters magazine will be dedicated to contributing families’ grads and the faculty and/or staff they want to acknowledge.

Donate in Honor of a Graduating Senior