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Welcome to WFS Virtual Learning! School is in session on our campuses, but there are some situations when students need to learn virtually. While the action happens on our internal web site, we wanted to give you a little taste of the virtual learning experience.

Because WFS had a 1-to-1 laptop program for grades 5 through 12––with the addition of all 4th graders receiving a school-issued laptop, and students in preschool through third grade receiving school-issued iPads in September––as well as an active online learning community already in place, the technical transition to WFS Remote Learning can be nimble.

The use of a synchronous platform like Zoom is a critical means for nurturing our community spirit, providing students with a sense of continued connection and belonging, as well as a chance for teachers to “check in” and literally “see” how everyone is faring. When remote, we hope to not only continue the high-level engagement in the classroom, but maintain the sense of community felt when our students and faculty/staff are together on campus.

An upper school math class meets using Zoom. 

Fourth graders using Flipgrid to share video messages telling their classmates interesting facts about themselves.

Eighth grade students test their skills in science class as the teacher uses a Jeopardy format.


WFS Blackbaud K-12 LMS

We have been using the Blackbaud K-12 Learning Management System for over 6 years for assignments, syllabi, course material, and much more.

Here is an example of a portion of an upper schooler's course list where they can see a snapshot of assignments due.

Each class has its own bulletin board, area for topics, and assignments page.
This is just a taste of virtual learning at WFS. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see photos of students and faculty in action.