Applying to Friends

Steps in the Application Process

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  • Complete Our Online Application

    CLICK HERE  to access our online application (an application fee of $50.00 can be paid electronically). Those applying to middle and upper schools are also asked to complete a student questionnaire and provide a graded writing sample.
  • Applicant Visit

    After applying, students have a more in-depth visit so they can get to know us better, and we can get to know them better. The format of the visit varies based on grade level:

    Preschool applicants will participate in a virtual visit with their families. Preschool applicants who have turned three years old at the time of their family visit will also participate in age-appropriate assessments.

    Prekindergarten and kindergarten applicants will be invited to a virtual visit that will consist of age-appropriate, interactive activities through a shared screen with admissions staff, and lower school faculty. Age-appropriate assessments will be used as evaluative measures.

    First and second grade applicants and their families will have an opportunity to participate in a family visit with an admissions representative and lower school faculty. Separate, virtual meeting will be scheduled to engage applicants in grade-appropriate math and language assessments.

    Third through fifth grade applicants will be invited to join their peers at Friends during a virtual class meeting. Age-appropriate math and language arts testing will be administered through a shared screen during a separate virtual visit. 

    Sixth through twelfth grade applicants are invited to virtual classroom visits and have the opportunity to participate in informal “Hangouts with Friends” sessions, hosted by a faculty member and current Friends School students. During the application process, students will have an opportunity to schedule a family meeting with a member of the admissions staff or a representative from the appropriate division.

    Schedule a Lower School Visit
    To schedule a lower school visit and age-appropriate admissions assessments, please contact Julia Forester at

    Schedule a Middle or Upper Virtual Shadow Day 
  • Records and Recommendations

    The release of information form and recommendation forms will be sent to you via email when you apply. This will enable you to send them to your child’s school and teacher(s) electronically. We request that parents manage this step so that they may retain complete control as to when a child’s current school and teacher(s) are made aware that a child may be changing schools.
  • Testing (Grades 6-12)

    For students applying to grades 6-12
    Group admission testing will be offered for applicants applying to Wilmington Friends, Sanford School, Tatnall School and Tower Hill School. All four schools will be administering and accepting the ISEE for applicants to grades 6 through 12.  Applicants to one or more of these schools may take the admission test at any of the test sites; please see the ISEE website to register for testing dates below.  If you wish to be considered for the first-round of admissions decisions should register for the December or January test dates. Applicants who have completed the ERB CTP IV, the SSAT, or the ISEE within the calendar year may be able to submit those scores in lieu of additional testing. Parents should check with the school(s) to which they are applying to confirm test requirements.
    Applicants for the 2022-2023 school year may select from the following test dates:
    November 13, 2021 • Sanford School • register before October 23, 2021 
    December 4, 2021 • The Tatnall School • register before November 13, 2021
    January 8, 2022 • Wilmington Friends School • register before December 18, 2021
    February 5, 2022 • Tower Hill School • register before January 15, 2022
    March 5, 2022 • The Independence School • register before February 12, 2022
    The ISEE Code for Wilmington Friends School is: 080160
    Register your child for the ISEE online at
  • Admissions Offers Sent

    1/14/22, Middle and Upper School
    1/28/22, Preschool and Lower School
    Rolling notifications if an application is completed after the first notification date. 

    We will ask you to reach out to our child's current school and have them complete Recommendation and Information Release forms. Your school will return them directly to Wilmington Friends School from each student's school and teacher(s). Forms can be sent via email or fax.