Alumni Awards

2019 Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumnus Award: Peter Kelemen '74

Peter Kelemen is an Earth and Environmental Sciences professor at Columbia University. He has recently worked with a team of scientists to see whether or not a natural scrubbing process can be used to remove greenhouse gases from the Earth's atmosphere. His research was featured in a April 2018 New York Times article, "How Oman's Rocks Could Save the Planet." The article explains that Peter and his team are studying how these rocks remove planet warming CO2 from the air and turn it into stone. Peter is an accomplished geoscientist, professor, and researcher, and his work has become increasingly important in resolving global climate change. We are thrilled to honor Peter during Homecoming this year as the 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient.

Outstanding Service Award: Janet Martin Yabroff '64

Janet Yabroff credits her experiences at WFS with shaping her as a person, and inspiring her to pursue a career in education. She spent most of her career in Friends education, working as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. She specialized in early childhood education and was a faculty member in the WFS lower school for several years. Two of her children, McKenzie Jones ’97 and Amanda Jones '02, attended WFS as well. She is an engaged volunteer and generous supporter of WFS, as well as several other organizations in the area including Cab Calloway School and St. Michael's  School. Janet also is a minister and has a passion for working directly with people in need, and to help them in a variety a ways. She is a loyal supporter of WFS: a True Blue donor, and member of the 1748 Society, and we are grateful for all she does for our community, and the greater Wilmington area. 

Young Alumnus Award: Jeffrey Palmer '04

Jeffrey Palmer is currently an assistant district attorney for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit. Jeff's work focuses on prosecuting sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence. Prior to becoming an ADA, Jeff served in the Marine Corps for eight years, advocating for survivors of sexual assault as a prosecutor and later with the Victims Legal Counsel Organization. His knowledge of the law and sensitivity to victims' needs led to the prosecution of over 50 sexual assault cases for the Marine Corps. After leaving active duty, Jeff was recruited to return to the Victims Legal Counsel Organization in the Marine Corps Reserve. We are excited to honor Jeff as this year's Young Alumnus of the year.