Our Programs

After-School Program and Child Care

Families may enroll in the After-School Program (ASP), with a choice of 4:45 or 6:00pm pick-up, either by contract (for the same days each week) or as needed on a drop-in basis. ASP is organized into three age groups: early years students (PS and PK), grades K-5, and grade 6. In addition to ASP, all-day child care is available during many school vacations, excluding federal holidays. Pre-registration for child care is required.

Starting in the fall the plan right now is the after-school, child care, and drop-in services will be fully reinstated. We are working with outside vendors to finalize the slate of activities. Following are program locations (please note: 5th graders will remain at LS rather than go to the MS/US campus):

Preschool and Pre-kindergarten: Located in the lower school building, which has classroom facilities and outdoor play areas designed for this age group. The schedule includes snack, story, rest, free play, and special activities like nature walks, games, and art projects.

Grades K-5: Located in the ASP building. In addition to snack and a balance of organized activities and free play, students have access to a quiet homework room.

Grade 6: Located at the middle/upper school campus and begins with a snack and activities including games, computers, and attending home athletic events. Students have study hall (everyday except Friday). In addition to the ASP snack provided, 6th graders may purchase food/drinks from the cafeteria using their student accounts.

2022-23 ASP and Child Care Rates

Drop-in - $50/dayThe ASP rates for the 2022-2023 school year will not increase. The current rates for next year will be:

4:45 Pick-up
Five Days - $2,550
Four Days - $2,040
Three Days - $1,530
Two Days - $1,020
One Day - $510

6:00 Pick-up
Five Days - $3,375
Four Days - $2,700
Three Days - $2,025
Two Days - $1,350
One Day - $675

Drop-in rate-per day, per child $50

Late Fee - $25/day 

Child Care - $70/day