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Athletics at Wilmington Friends

    • Athletics at Wilmington Friends

Interscholastic athletics at Wilmington Friends School are co-curricular, an integral part of the overall program for grades 7-12. Physical education for preschool through 6th grade is also an integral part of our students’ learning and central to the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. 
In keeping with the school’s philosophy and educational goals, we value excellence in athletics. Friends teams, at the high school and middle school A levels, play to win; middle school B and C teams emphasize skill development and participation. Athletics and competition offer distinctive educational opportunities, and every student at Friends is required to participate in sports--generally, three seasons in middle school and at least one in upper school. Student-athletes are held to high standards for developing their talents to the fullest and for contributing to their teams with a conscious responsibility to the good of all.

Our varsity teams regularly make the State tournaments, meets, and matches––oftentimes in multiple rounds–– and several athletes are names Player of the Week. 

Upper School Sports

All upper school students (grades 9-12) are required to participate in one sport per school year;
many of our students play two or three sports each year.


Cross country – Girls V/JV, Boys V/JV
Field hockey – V/JV
Football – V+ (limited number of JV games)
Soccer – Boys V/JV
Volleyball – Girls V/JV/3rd team


Basketball – Girls V/JV, Boys V/JV
Indoor Track – Girls V, Boys V
Swimming & Diving – Girls V, Boys V
Wrestling – V+ (limited number of JV meets)
Fitness (not interscholastic)


Baseball – V/JV
Golf – Coed V
Lacrosse – Girls V/JV, Boys V/JV
Soccer – Girls V/JV
Tennis – Girls V/JV, Boys V/JV
Track – Girls V, Boys V

Middle School Sports

All 7th and 8th grade students at Friends are required to participate in one sport per season, or three sports per school year.*


Cross country – Coed, one team
Field hockey – A/B teams
Football – A/B teams
Soccer – Boys A/B teams
Volleyball – Girls A/B teams


Basketball – Boys A/B/C and Girls A/B/C teams
Wrestling – One team
Winter Track – Coed, one team


Baseball – One team
Lacrosse – Girls A/B, Boys A/B
Soccer – Girls A/B
Tennis – Coed, one team

* Occasionally, a 7th/8th grade student may petition to be excused from one season of athletics in order to participate in a sport not offered at Friends or in another outside activity that requires a major time commitment. In school, students participating in LEGO League may opt out of a winter-season sport.

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