Alumni Association

All graduates of Wilmington Friends School and all non-graduates who attended at least one school year during grades seven through twelve are automatically members of the Alumni Association.
The Association is governed by the Alumni Board, comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers representing various graduating classes.

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board endeavors to sustain and promote Quaker values and philosophy for Friends School and its alumni community. The Board sponsors and organizes activities that generate voluntary support for the school; serves as a career, education and community resource; promotes communication between alumni and the school; and builds a spirit of community.
To learn more about becoming part of the Alumni Board, contact the Alumni Office at

Alumni Board Members 2022-23

Jonathan Layton '86, Clerk
Andy McEnroe '04, Vice Clerk
Erin Bushnell '96
Stanita Clarke '06
Drew Dalton '97
Emily David Hershman '09
Raven Harris Diacou '06
Alexandra Poorman Ergon '77
Matt Lang '08 
Christopher Lee '82
Adrienne Monley '02
Katharine Lester Mowery '02
Raymond Osbun '71
Richie Rockwell '02
Thomas Scott '70
James Simon '60
Martha Poorman Tschantz '85