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Lower School: Pre-K through Grade 5

The Friends lower school program is designed to encourage student voice and full participation, as individuals and as members of a community, in the learning process. Interdisciplinary themes (like insects, which involves science research, art work, web page design, and Spanish) encourage our elementary school students to think and inquire globally, beyond any one discipline. In our “Singapore Math” curriculum, Math in Focus, students are asked to articulate their reasoning in a way that develops perseverance and confidence as it deepens learning. In the STEM Lab and in robotics, students are encouraged to experiment with designs that might not work. Class structures both allow homebase teachers to develop greater expertise and give students the opportunity to work with a more varied group of peers. Integrated with classroom practices, service learning, a structured conflict resolution program, and respect for all voices in Meeting for Worship, help to develop habits of empathy and responsibility to others. It is an approach to learning very much rooted in the Quaker traditions of inquiry and of commitment to equality, peace, and community.
Lower school begins at 8am with dismissal beginning at 3pm.  After school options are available until 6:00 pm and early morning care begins at 7:30 am.