Applicant Visit

After applying, students have a more in-depth visit so they can get to know us better, and we can get to know them better. The format of the visit varies based on grade level:

Preschool applicants will participate in a virtual visit with their families. Preschool applicants who have turned three years old at the time of their family visit will also participate in age-appropriate assessments.

Prekindergarten and kindergarten applicants will be invited to a virtual visit that will consist of age-appropriate, interactive activities through a shared screen with admissions staff, and lower school faculty. Age-appropriate assessments will be used as evaluative measures.

First and second grade applicants and their families will have an opportunity to participate in a family visit with an admissions representative and lower school faculty. Separate, virtual meeting will be scheduled to engage applicants in grade-appropriate math and language assessments.

Third through fifth grade applicants will be invited to join their peers at Friends during a virtual class meeting. Age-appropriate math and language arts testing will be administered through a shared screen during a separate virtual visit. 

Sixth through twelfth grade applicants are invited to virtual classroom visits and have the opportunity to participate in informal “Hangouts with Friends” sessions, hosted by a faculty member and current Friends School students. During the application process, students will have an opportunity to schedule a family meeting with a member of the admissions staff or a representative from the appropriate division.

Schedule a Lower School Visit
To schedule a lower school visit and age-appropriate admissions assessments, please contact Julia Forester at

Schedule a Middle or Upper Virtual Shadow Day