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Marguerite (Marty) Marston Kritkausky

Class of 1970
After retiring from a successful 30 year career at Ikea, Marty has embarked on an exciting second career as a transition life coach in Wilmington. Working as a life coach helps Marty pursue her passion of helping people achieve their goals. She credits WFS with instilling in her the curiosity, self-confidence and enthusiasm to try new things.
How did you choose to be a Life Coach?

I love connecting with people – facilitating those ‘aha moments’ that change the status quo and open up new possibilities. My passion is all about helping people figure out where they are, where they want to be, and helping them get there.

Years ago, my husband, John, and I dreamt about moving to the Chesapeake area to travel and sail together when we wished. Sadly, before I retired from a long and fulfilling career in communications with IKEA, he was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after. A few months later, I followed my dream and pursued a second career, as a certified professional coach. It was then my true passion was activated - helping others discover their best life. Today, as a transition life coach, I support people nearing retirement as they deal with the mental transition and emotional challenges that occur in post-working life. Many of us just long for the day we ”can” retire, so it may be difficult to imagine the anxiety and fear that accompany retirement planning. As a coach, I help clients retire ”to something not from something”. After much discussion, we create a plan and mindset that will create optimal conditions for the future to be fulfilling and purposeful.

What are your current interests and passions?

I love discovering and experiencing new things. One of the best and well-known opportunities to further that ambition in Wilmington is University of Delaware’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). I am taking a wide variety of interesting courses including history, current events, studio art and yoga. There are no exams, OLLI is truly for those individuals who have a passion for learning. In addition, I recently started volunteering at Hagley Museum where I am contributing my professional marketing and communications expertise. There are many exciting changes underway at Hagley, so please come visit. I am also mentoring students at Endicott College; helping them prepare for professional careers.

How has WFS impacted you since graduation?

My education at Friends instilled a sense of curiosity, self-confidence and enthusiasm to try new things that remain with me today. My love of travel started when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, in my junior year of college. This was followed by back-packing throughout Europe the summer I graduated from Syracuse University. I was fortunate to have a long and fulfilling career with IKEA, where part of my responsibilities included traveling and meeting interesting people throughout the world. My years as a Friends School student influenced my thinking and point of view to be open and receptive to new ideas and accepting of differences. I didn’t realize that the hours spent in meeting for worship as a student would later contribute to my current comfort with being reflective, and practicing mindfulness and yoga. I value my diverse academic and personal experiences and am grateful to the school community and friendships that have lasted these many years.

What are your favorite WFS memories?

I have many great memories from my thirteen years at Friends. The two that stand out most occurred during the Christmas season. The entire school body singing carols around the mitten tree is one. The other is the men’s chorus walking through every classroom singing the “Boar’s Head” song while carrying a papier-mâché boar’s head on a silver platter. I can still see in my mind’s eye the smallest member of the chorus with a napkin around his neck, knife and fork in hands, pantomiming stealing a piece of the boar off the tray carried by the tallest member. It made quite an impression on this lower schooler. It’s traditions like these and many others that continue to keep school spirit alive.

Marty Marston’70 is ‘a lifer’ who started in kindergarten and graduated thirteen years later with twelve other lifers- they became known as ‘the original thirteen’. She comes from a Friends School family; her parents, aunts on both sides, sister and brother all graduated from Friends. Her mother was especially active as a long-time volunteer in the library then later in the Jones House. After graduating from WFS, Marty attended Endicott College and Syracuse University where she studied fashion design and earned a BFA. A turning point came when she studied in Florence, Italy and was bitten by ‘the travel bug’ and thereafter wanted to see/ travel to new interesting places. Marty built a business career in the retail industry, eventually working in various capacities for IKEA, the Swedish home furnishings company. It was with IKEA that her responsibilities included extensive travel to Scandinavia and other countries. Marty retired from IKEA after almost 30 years, she lives in Wilmington and is now actively enjoying her second-act. You’ll need to contact her to learn about all the interesting activities in which she is participating.
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