Alumni Spotlights

Tyrie Jenkins, M.D.

Class of 1973
Tyrie is a pioneer in eye care. She was the first person to perform LASIK in Hawaii, and more recently, was the first to perform laser assisted cataract surgery. She has fond memories of her experiences at WFS, and believes this school’s commitment to educational excellence has made her value life long learning.
How did you choose to start your business?

I am currently the proud owner of a successful ophthalmology practice in Hawaii. I moved here in 1989 after having trained at a prestigious ophthalmology residency in the east coast. I built my practice around making sure my adopted home - the most isolated landmass in the world - had access to the latest technology in eye care. This business model was not only successful but most rewarding. I was the first person to perform LASIK surgery in 1987 and more recently, was the first to perform laser assisted cataract surgery.

What are your current interests and passions?

While still working full time, I am taking a bit more time off. I am lucky to be passionate about taking care of my patients but am lucky to have other interests. I am enjoying being a grandmother. I spend free time hiking, traveling and golfing.

How has WFS impacted you since graduation?

Since I graduated from Wilmington Friends, I actually joined a Quaker meeting and call myself a Quaker. I continue to embrace Quaker values of integrity, equality, community, stewardship of the earth and peace. Friends School's commitment to educational excellence has made me value life long learning.

What are your favorite WFS memories?

As preteen, I have to admit, I loved school so much I used to walk to Friends at the end of the summer before the school opened. I would sneak into the front door (it was open ) and walked through the silent hall and smell the newly waxed floors! Other great experiences, were non academic - chorus with Violet Richman and band with Mr. Guest. I remember vividly, those beautiful fall days on the hockey field. My best friend is still Pam Hoopes who I met in kindergarten!

Tyrie Lee Jenkins ’73 started at Wilmington Friend School at age 4. She can still remember all the names of her teachers in grades K - 6 and her best friend is still her first friend she met in Kindergarten! Her mother was also a Wilmington Friends School graduate. Elizabeth Miller Jenkins ’51 still lives on the Augustine Cut-Off in the home where Ty would walk to school from. After graduating from Friends, she attended Mount Holyoke College and then Jefferson Medical College. After a medical internship in Wilmington, she completed her medical training in Ophthalmology at Will’s Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. After a stint in Memphis, Tennessee, she moved to Honolulu in 1989. She started her current practice and is one of the businest eye surgeons in Hawaii. Being the first person in Hawaii to perform LASIK as well as Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, she is a pioneer in eyecare. She and husband have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Hobbies include hiking, golfing and traveling. The second-act? As her current practice winds down, she is hoping to participate in some medical missions and spend more time with the grandkids.
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