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The WFS garden is still in bloom! This fall, sixth graders have been hard at work harvesting the fall crop, including cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell and jalapeño peppers, squash, and cantaloupe, as well as helping put the final touches on the new WFS greenhouse.
These students have been growing snap peas from seeds in science class which they will watch grow in the greenhouse as we head into the colder months. Last week, preschoolers and first graders visited the greenhouse and planted garlic. These young students learned about why we grow food at WFS (to support local food pantries and to teach our students about healthy eating) and got to sample some of the fall's cantaloupe harvest!

In addition, faculty members Carlos Charriez and Sia Willie were recently highlighted at the annual Pilot Light Feed Your Mind event in Chicago for their work in food education. Click here to see their interview.
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