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Seventh Graders Visit Washington, D.C.

On Monday, seventh graders and faculty members traveled to Washington, D.C. where they had a busy day visiting the National Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism, the United States Holocaust Museum, the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. 
These visits helped show the seventh grade curriculum in real life -- in both seventh grade English and social science, students spend time examining the causes and implications of genocide with a specific focus upon the Holocaust. Students read The Diary of Anne Frank as well as a second Holocaust book, and then examine the context of the Holocaust within history/Word War II in social science. Students also examine Japanese-American internment and the causes and results of sending innocent American citizens to confined camps during a time of crisis - World War II.

On the field trip, in addition to seeing how key historical figures are recognized for their achievements and accomplishments, students saw a greater context of discrimination, hatred, and racism, and learned how to work to help others who are facing potential or real persecution. 
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