WFS Faculty Present at NAIS People of Color Conference

WFS history teachers Don Morton '94 and John Hanson recently attended the NAIS People of Color Conference and presented "Teaching Race, Gender, and other 'Tough Material' - Strategies for Presenting Uncomfortable Aspects of American History." 
Don and John, who have both been teaching at WFS for more than 20 years, sought to share their experiences as classroom teachers with other educators who may be worried and considering abandoning "tried and true" lessons, texts, and other materials because of racism, discrimination, violence, abusive language, or other reasons. Their recommendations include always giving students a sense of agency or control, being proactive in acknowledging what might be triggering, and looking at scholarship compared to the realities and challenges. The session was incredibly well-received and led to great discussion among educators and administrators in attendance.

"It was a pleasure to work with Don on this presentation, to see his skills as a presenter and teacher really shine among a national audience of independent school educators, and to have an opportunity to work collaboratively as teachers within the upper and middle school divisions," Hanson said.
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