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Remembering 9/11

September 11 is a solemn day to think back on and reflect. Though our students do not remember the day, we feel it’s an important part of our collective history and take time as a community to remember those we lost on that day. 
Yesterday, in honor of the 20th anniversary, upper school students, faculty, and staff attended a Lunch and Learn with WFS parent and parent of alum Dr. Amy Grubb, a first responder with the FBI on 9/11 in New York City. She spoke about her experience at the site where only 1,000 people were initially allowed access to collect evidence. Though there were many terrible things in that environment, she was also struck by the immense generosity of so many people who wanted to help; the human connections that were necessary to keep one another both focused on the work and focused on taking necessary breaks; and the power of sitting with someone in silence to allow them to grieve. She tied these moments to the broader theme of seeking peace. We are grateful to Dr. Grubb for sharing her experiences with us.

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