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CRISPR Technology at WFS

For the past two weeks, WFS has been a part of the educational distribution of CRISPR technology (a method used to alter DNA) through a new summer intensive course for students entering their junior or senior year.
Besides completing a full CRISPR lab protocol, students have been utilizing newly-developed modeling activities, exploring data analysis software, meeting with current researchers in the CRISPR field about ethics and practice of CRISPR therapies, and debating/reenacting cases of ethical interest. This classroom application was developed by Dr. Kmiec’s Gene Editing Institute at the Helen Graham Cancer Center of Christiana Care. Dr. Kmiec uses CRISPR in his clinical work with cancer patients. Most recently, WFS students prepared DNA samples for genotype analysis of their CRISPR-edited gene construct expressed in E. coli cells.

Huge thanks to WFS teachers Ellen Johnson and Kelley Cox for leading our students during these two weeks.

If you would like to see students in action, check out our YouTube page!

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