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2022-23 Diversity Steering Committee

To manage the implementation of the recommendations included in the Immersive Climate Assessment report, we have formed a Diversity Steering Committee. Members include:
Erica Childs, Director of Equity, Justice, Community, and Engagement (clerk)
Melissa Brown, Director of Admissions
Carlos Charriez, MS Science Teacher, Sixth Grade Dean
Tina DiSabatino, Assistant Director of Development
Aminah Finney, Lower School Learning Coordinator
Karen Horikawa, MS Science Teacher, Faculty/Staff SEED Facilitator
Danielle Litterelle, MS/US Counselor
Kathleen Martin, Director of College Guidance
Don Morton, US History Teacher, US Diversity Committee Clerk
Lara Munch, LS Spanish Teacher, LS Diversity Committee Clerk
Ex-Officio Members: Ken Aldridge, Eddie Gallagher, Jon Huxtable, Julie Rodowsky, Rebecca Zug
Additionally, the lower school, middle school, and upper school each have their own diversity committee or task force to oversee DEI initiatives in each division.