Our Programs

Middle School Art Camps

Painting Workshop

Week of July 17
For a week, campers will take a deep dive into painting, learning about color, portraits, contrast, hue, and all the basics they need to create their own works of art. They will experiment with different styles inspired by the works of masters such as Monet, Picasso, Kahlo, and Klimt. They can even get in touch with their inner diva by modeling for their fellow artists! At the end of the week, campers will bring home their own original masterpiece created using all the skills they learned from camp.

Recycled Art

Week of July 31
In this camp, campers will channel their creativity into making art by unconventional means. They will draw inspiration from found objects and learn to turn trash into treasure. Campers will use a multimedia approach, painting on collage, mixing 3D with 2D, and incorporating elements from nature into their work. They can choose to start a new creation every day, or spend the week perfecting one big work of art that they’re sure to be proud of!