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Middle School Tech & Design Camps

*Note: Laptops will be provided throughout the week for all tech camps listed below

STEM Design Challengers

STEM Design Challenger I 
Week of June 27

STEM Design Challenger II
Week of July 25

$320 Full Day
$225 Half Day
During STEM Design Challengers I and II, we will build fast and think faster, while having fun in the Middle School design lab. 
Working from specific design challenges, and using common materials and simple tools, campers will get to design and build creations to meet design challenge criteria. Campers will learn to become accustomed to the practice of  “iteration," or making refinements to your project to improve it. Along the way they will learn the basics of thinking like a designer and get comfortable taking risks. In the MS design lab we believe that failure is expected and an essential part of the design process. Examples of design challenges which may be offered include the following: invent a brand new sport, build a bridge from popsicle sticks, design the ultimate living space for a middle schooler, and design a boat to be used in our annual cardboard boat regatta. STEM camp will run from 9am-12:30pm daily with campers having the option to leave after lunch or join base camp for afternoons of swimming, ice skating and fun filled activities on campus.

Design Your Own Video Game

Week of July 5
$256 (shortened week)
Do you enjoy playing video games? Have you ever wondered how they are built? Do you want to create your own? In this camp, students will have the opportunity not only to see how video games work, but to code their own. Using the Scratch coding platform developed at MIT (scratch.MIT.edu), students will design and code their own video games. Scratch uses intricate, pre-written blocks of code so the programmer can focus on the overall principles of coding and not the specific syntax. These types of coding platforms are used in introductory courses in major universities, such as Harvard and Berkley.  Campers will acquire Computer Science knowledge that can be applied not only in that specific field, but in any area of study. Come and build your own fully functioning video game with us! No prior coding experience is required.


Week of August 8
This is an action-packed week of problem solving and critical thinking for Lego and robotics enthusiasts. Featuring the MINDSTORM robotics system from Lego®, campers will build and then learn to program robots to complete assigned tasks. The week will culminate with a small competition in which campers demonstrate what they have learned by completing assigned challenges. No prior experience is necessary, but creativity and a desire to have fun are musts!