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Middle School Special Interest Camps


Weeks of June 22 and July 20
Hogwarts is coming to Wilmington Friends School! Harry Potter fans are invited to a week at Hogwarts to participate in an intensive magical educational experience. We’ll begin the week by going to Diagon Alley to get our magic supplies. Then the campers get sorted into houses, followed by lessons in charms, potions, transfiguration, defense against the dark arts, and divination. Along the way we’ll play quidditch, duel with spells, enter the Triwizard Tournament, Sorcerer’s Stone Challenge, and Horcrux Hunt. At the end of the week, campers will take their O.W.L.s and celebrate with an end of term feast. Campers who previously participated in Camp Hogwarts will engage in several second year lessons, as well as take their N.E.W.T.s. 


Summer is the perfect time to explore the culinary arts. What better way to do so than in the company of friends. Chez Friends Cooking Camp offers a hands-on cooking experience for middle school campers. 

Cooking I: Kids' Favorites
Week of July 13
This weeklong program gives kids a chance to learn basic cooking skills, experiment with ingredients, and follow new recipes. Camp cuisines range from the silly to the serious with themes including cupcake wars, American barbecue and Italian delights. No experience necessary but a willingness to explore with foods required.

Cooking II: Farm to Kids
Week of August 3
Farm to Kids Camp gives our young culinary artists the chance to explore the world of organic farming combined with cooking. Campers will maintain and harvest produce grown at the WFS Organic Garden to be used throughout the week. Field trips to local farmers markets will provide campers with other delicious and healthy ingredients to use for their daily delights.  

Local Adventure

Weeks of July 13 and August 3
The Best of Indoor and outdoor activities
Due to its extraordinary popularity last year, we are proud and excited to offer The Best of Indoor and Outdoor Adventure once again to middle school campers. Full of exciting and challenging experiences, this program will help campers develop teamwork skills while pushing the limits of their comfort zone. Along the way, they’ll get a taste of some of most talked about attractions in the area. Daily excursions will be chosen from the following based on availability and weather conditions during the time of booking: Tubing down the Brandywine, High Ropes Team Building at Sandy Springs Adventure Park, Icore Ninja Warrior Gym, Sahara Sam’s Indoor Waterpark, Delaware Rock Gym, IMAX Theater, Rehoboth Beach and more! Don’t miss out!
*Note: Due to unexpected weather conditions, some outdoor activities may be replaced with indoor ones such as visits to local museums, climbing gyms, and Family Fun Centers.

Service Learning

Week of August 17
Service Camp is geared to present campers with a diversity of opportunities for service and outreach in the broader community. To this end, directors and counselors will guide students through projects that will give back to the community in many ways. The program will include visits to the WFS community garden, Delaware Food Bank, Lutheran Community Services and Brandywine Creek State Park. Other projects will be added depending on community needs at the time of the program.