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Big Kids Art Camps

Sports, art, tech, and special interest camps are offered in the morning but join the regular Big Kids Camp for all afternoon activities including swim, on campus games, gaga ball, slip and slides, karaoke and more! Adventure Camps are full-day, thus campers will be provided with a special schedule outlining daily activities and excursions.

Flower Power

Week of July 11
We will be using all the parts of the flower in this weeklong exploration of beautiful camp grown flowers at Bellevue State Park! Campers will start the week with examining the flowers through observation and dissection.  They will make sculpture and cyanotypes with parts of flowers, dip the petals and stems in paint for printing, and learn to make fabric dye.  The second half of the week will be filled with learning about how to care for a garden, grow flowers, and the exciting art of flower arranging.  All levels are welcome.

Puppet Making

Week of July 18

In the Puppet Workshop we will explore how to build puppets using various materials such as: paper mache, acrylic paint and fabric for designing the puppet’s costume. We will cap off the week by showcasing our camper made puppets in a mini play to be presented to campers and staff!

Wacky Painting

Week of August 15
Ever wondered what kind of painting you can make when you hold the brush between your toes? If this and other strange ideas for painting interest you, you will enjoy Wacky Painting Week! We will be making our own paint, our own brushes, and exploring wild ways to paint. From glow in the dark paint with a black light, to exploding water balloons filled with paint, this week will be anything but ordinary. Come prepared to get messy!

Making Something Out of Nothing

Week of August 22
With an emphasis on sustainability and ingenuity, campers will forage in the surrounding outdoor areas and recycling bins to find object to make sculptures with.  We will learn about collage, paper making from scraps, finding natural inks and dyes, and more! We will look at cave paintings, artists Andy Goldsworthy and Angela Haseltine Pozzi.