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STEM Design Challengers 1

Week of July 2
$240 (prorated due to July 4 holiday)
STEM Design Challengers offers campers the opportunity problem-solve like an engineer using the Design Thinking process. This week’s theme will focus on water craft. Friendly competition will motivate teams to build and test rafts, boats and other flotation devices using only simple materials. As campers complete various design challenges, emphasis will be placed on developing social skills necessary to work effectively in groups including listening, considering the ideas of others, empathy, and compromising. The week will culminate with our 2nd annual cardboard boat regatta where campers will put their engineering prowess to the test by building and paddling full scale boats capable of transporting passengers across a pool.


Week of July 9 and August 6
This is an action-packed week of problem solving and critical thinking for Lego and robotics enthusiasts. Featuring the MINDSTORM robotics system from Lego®, campers will build and then learn to program robots to complete assigned tasks. The week will culminate with a small competition in which campers demonstrate what they have learned by completing assigned challenges. No prior experience is necessary, but creativity and a desire to have fun are musts!

3D Printing and Design

Week of July 23
3D printing is revolutionizing the way we design and build. Spend a week taking your ideas and bringing them to life. With a state of the art Design Lab, campers will explore concepts in STEM design and apply them to real-world challenges. Throughout the week, we’ll follow the same processes an industrial designer goes through to create a product from its inception to its development. Using cutting edge and user friend Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs, campers will take their building skills to a whole new level.

Digital Music

Week of July 30
This course will explore the medium of digital audio and it's interaction with computer games and animation. Students will get experience recording, composing and mixing various audio projects and pairing them with moving images and interactive games. Soundtracks, sound effects, voice overs and more will be created and used throughout. Software used will include Audacity, Garage Band, and Adobe Flash. No programming or musical knowledge necessary.