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Big Kids Art Camps

Sports and art camps are offered in the morning. Campers enrolled in those programs will not participate in the morning rotation of activities. Adventure Camps are full-day, thus campers will not be joining typical camp activities in the afternoon. Camps are for campers entering grades 2nd through 5th unless otherwise noted.

Cooking: Farm to Kids

Week of June 18

Summer is the perfect time to explore the culinary arts. What better way to do so than in the company of friends. Farm to Kids Camp provides our young culinary artists the chance to explore the world of organic farming combined with cooking.  Campers will maintain and harvest produce grown at the WFS Organic Garden to be used throughout the week. Field trips to local farmers markets will provide campers with other fresh and healthy ingredients to supplement delicious recipes. The week will culminate with a picnic lunch at our off campus garden site at Bellevue State Park.

Crazy Painting

Week of June 18
Ever wondered what kind of painting you can make when you hold the brush between your toes? If this and other strange ideas for painting interest you, you will enjoy Crazy Painting Week. We will be making our own paint, our own brushes, and exploring wild ways to paint. From glow in the dark paint with a black light, to exploding water balloons filled with paint this week will be anything but ordinary.

Tiny Houses

Week of June 25
Campers will be searching and collecting materials to make their own miniature versions of tiny houses. What would your tiny house look like if you had one? (A fort? Four stories high? Castle themed?) What would be in it? What colors would you paint the walls? Will you even have walls? We will be using recycled materials and boxes, items found in nature, and whatever else we can think of to make tiny house models. Emphasis will be placed on sustainability and repurposing.

Comic Books and Cartooning

Week of July 2
Campers will develop their characters by sketching and coloring, allowing them to come up with a storyline for a cartoon strip. They will then learn about facial expressions and figure drawing to enhance their characters. The week will culminate with creating a movie poster based on their own cartoon. Mediums used will be sketch pads, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, and colored markers.

Flower Power

Week of July 30
We will be using all the parts of the flower in this weeklong exploration of beautiful camp grown flowers at Bellevue State Park! Campers will start the week with examining the flowers through observation and dissection.  They will make sculpture and cyanotypes with parts of flowers, dip the petals and stems in paint for printing, and learn to make fabric dye.  The second half of the week will be filled with learning about how to care for a garden, grow flowers, and the exciting art of flower arranging.  All levels are welcome.

Puppet Making

Week of August 6

In the Puppet Workshop we will explore how to build hand puppets using various materials such as: paper mache, acrylic paint and fabric for designing the puppet’s costume. We will cap off the week by showcasing our camper made puppets in a mini play to be presented to campers and staff!